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Welcome to Value Vending, where we care about your health. Our company is on a mission to bring healthier snack and beverage option to schools and businesses. We provide the machines, the installation, the stocking of products and the servicing of the machines all free of charge to your company or school.
In doing our part to promote workplace wellness, we deliver a variety of high quality snacks and beverages, emphasizing healthier product options.

Check out our products list. Yes we do offer soft drinks, crisps and sweets too, but our healthy option is what were known for.

To better serve our customers, we also offer additional service options in conjunction with our vending service. This includes coffee and water services, as well as the delivery and stocking of canteen supplies and other miscellaneous amenities. If you fill your own machine we can also offer these products.

If you need more information, would like to schedule a free Onsite Vending Assessment, or wish to communicate other business needs.

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