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In Business Since 1995

Value Vending Ireland, Athlone, Vending Machines

Many machines fail to deliver a product due to snags or jams. With the latest technology, the AMS Sensit TT machines give you your money back if the product fails to fall into the delivery bucket.


  • Health & Safety certified for fresh food.

  • Fully Chilled

  • Guaranteed delivery or money back

  • Over 40 selections of drinks, snacks and fresh food

  • The worlds leading drinks vending company uses the AMS  Sensit machine


100% Irish Owned and Operated

Value Vending is 100% Irish owned and its headquarters are located in Athlone, right in the centre of Ireland.

We are proud to support local Transition Year Projects and other local and national social initiatives including: One Book, One Town, Local Sustainability Initiative and VISER - Visually Impaired Self Employment Routes, Bikes For Africa.


"Frequently asked questions"

Value Vending

Are there any monthly fees or other charges for your services?


No, there are no monthly fees or recurring charges to you unless you opt for our add-on services. In general, you are providing the space and the electricity (and sometimes a water connection) but we provide the rest. 




What kind of turnaround can I expect to have the machines installed, stocked and ready to go?


Our typical turnaround time is under 10 days, from the time you first count us. It always depends on your requirements we can be ready for a customer in less than three days. 




If one of your vending machines is not working properly, how soon will you have it fixed?


Since its in everyones best interest to keep the machines working for you it we will generally send someone to your site within 24 hours of becoming aware of the problem. Our experienced service operators can handle most onsite repairs, but on occasion a vending mechanic may need to be called in. In those infrequent situations, the repair may take longer.




If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to  contact us.

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